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Highlight of the @praguecollege show for me klepec. A project designed to celebrate lower league football in the Czech Republic. Each shirt represents a popular phrase attached to football from the nutmeg to the after dinner beer. @kieronmolloy @bear_london @tim__beard @theswfc @pilaurice

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More from Klepec @praguecollege Prales Liga is the lowest league in Czech. Arranged in the formation the national team played in against Brazil in the 62 World Cup Final. @pilaurice @theswfc @robertobear @russellsdust

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created: 2016

In my work, I focused on a successful global phenomenon. Football. As a result, mass production changed the sportswear and related products to very formalised and impersonal. I want to celebrate the game and bring the real meaning of football into the life. I want to celebrate football as the game that belongs to everyone.

The replica football shirts of famous players are the best-selling ones on sportswear market. However, that's why I've decided to take another direction. My goal is to present the lowest league players as superheroes, that must have as much comfortable clothing as possible. Regarding all their real needs, because the top football always starts at a small pitch. This idea inspired me to design series of eleven jerseys that I called informally Prales Liga, Primeval Forest League. During my working process I explored the evolution of Czechoslovak football shirts from the '60s to the present squad. Based on my findings, the idea of new sports outfits design came into existence. When the design is based on traditional patterns, the main difference is in their usage. The simple lines design refer to the commonly used expressions from soccer slang. Every jersey has own numbers, but instead of owners names they refer to terms like a crossing gate, rebel, 5:0 win, through pass, of the crossbar goal, top corner goal, tiki-taka, nutmeg, aftermatch beer. The own special shirt also has linesman, this function in the lower leagues have members of both teams in civilian clothes. However, they are considered as the main source of conflict, that often brings the match to an early end.

The sleeve of professional footballers is adorned with the official league logo. When you see Klepec shirts, on the same place can be seen a logo called Forest League. Prales Liga is the lowest league in Czech. During my research, I was looking for inspiration and found classic jerseys of Czech national football team in years 1962 and 1976. In both years our national team achieved success on the football championships and the logo reflected a cut of the shirts along with letters arranged in the formation the national team played in against Brazil in the 62' World Cup Final and 76' Belgrade euro final.

Jerseys were made by sublimation printing technology, that is currently the most optimal and most modern printing method for sports jerseys, regarding the opportunity to focus on individual design. The sublimation printing process is great for creative design. Unlike other technologies, in this case, the design is not printed on the finished product, but on the individual cut pieces. Therefore, the final jersey can be printed all over.

The whole brand is called Klepec, that is a motivating phrase as it means big score difference in winning or losing. Finished jerseys experienced their own moment of glory during the football match, which was documented in a catalogue and a short video.

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